ASUS R9 290X Matrix Platinum Review

ASUS R9 290X Matrix Review


So what if you’ve just read through the GTX780Ti Matrix review and thought that the idea seemed sound, but you’d rather have a Hawaii XT GPU Core beating at the heart of your system. ASUS have you covered with the R9 290X Matrix, applying all of the cooler and features of their top-of-the-range model to AMDs baby.

Rather than take up your day with pointless preamble, let’s get straight on with seeing what the 290X Matrix has to offer and how well it performs.

Technical Specifications

As we saw with the 780Ti Matrix, a simple specifications table doesn’t really tell the whole story. The MSI Lightning, for example, only had 5GHz GDDR5 but ended up at 6.6GHz, so we hope that the Matrix has similar levels of performance waiting to be unleashed. 

ASUS R9 290X Matrix Review