Cooler Master Tempest GP2711 1440P 165Hz Monitor Review

Up Close

Cooler Master Tempest GP2711 Review

Up Close

Like the other Cooler Master monitor we’re looking at today, the Tempest GP2711 comes in an easily recyclable cardboard box. More than sturdy enough to survive multiple shipping excursions, as you can see from how our box arrived. If only everyone looked after the products they’ve been lent for review to the same degree we do. Ugh.


Connectivity on the Tempest GP2711 is two HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.4, as well as a DP Alt Mode (15W) USB Type-C sitting alongside two USB 3.0 Type-A expansion ports. An audio jack completes the suite. Note that the Tempest GP2711 uses a power brick + DC connection rather than the kettle lead style. Perfect if you like neat on-desk cabling.

Tempest GP2711 Inputs

In today’s “attention to detail” comment, the power button design on the Cooler Master Tempest GP2711 eschews the standardised broken circle to instead bring us a broken lozenge. Otherwise known as the Cooler Master official shape. Below that is the five way joystick to control the onscreen display.

OSD Controls

The more powerful your display is, the faster it runs, the hotter it gets. Cooler master have implemented a main chip heatsink along with a thermal back cover to minimise this build up. The Tempest GP2711 extends durability by 30% compared to a regular design. It’s nice to have confidence in your display to last the distance without employing active fans. Particularly if you enjoy a quiet work environment.

Tempest GP2711 Vents

Here’s that Cooler Master lozenge again. This time as the base of the full adjustable stand. Also a great place to keep things within easy reach.

Tempest GP2711 Stand

Lastly the screen itself. If you’ve read both of today’s reviews of the new Cooler Master monitors then this photograph is best used to reinforce how good the anti-glare coating on the other one is.

Tempest GP2711 Overview

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