Corsair GTX980 Ti Hydro GFX Graphics Card Review

Corsair Hydro GFX Review


The way that the nVidia GPU Boost 2.0 technology works is largely about overclocking the GPU all the while there is some thermal headroom left with which to do so. On that basis, if cooling is good, more cooling is better, then surely water cooling is comprehensively better.

With the swift rise of all-in-one water cooling offerings it was only a matter of time before someone melded the desire for extra headroom with the easy installation of an AIO solution. We’ve seen a handful of cards that have tried this before but now we have the dons of the AIO world bringing their knowledge to the table in the form of the Hydro GFX. Strangely only available from the Corsair webstore.

The Hydro GFX is very much the answer to the question “what would you get if you bolted a Corsair H55 to an MSI GTX980Ti?”. Except this is a factory mod and so comes with all the warranty support and build quality you can desire.

Technical Specifications

By virtue of being almost literally a cross between a MSI GTX980Ti and a Corsair H55 cooler, there is little to shout about in the specifications. There isn’t any carefully crafted heatsink or unexpected foray’s into the PCB world from Corsair. It’s take one, stick it with another, jobs a goodun. Let’s see what she looks like.

Corsair Hydro GFX Review