DOOM PC Performance Review

DOOM PC Performance Review



The original DOOM is undeniably a classic, being generally accepted as the game that popularised the first-person shooter genre while also being one of the first games to use 3D graphics and to support modding through the use of the DOOM WAD format.    

DOOM is a game that is about fast-paced combat, a variety of unique weapons, large labyrinthic levels that are full of secrets and fighting the almost limitless hordes of demons from hell. This means that DOOM needs to perform well on PC, as a high framerate is essential to make such a fast paced game playable by allowing the gamer to quickly respond and adapt to the quickly changing battle on-screen. 

So far I have had a huge amount of fun playing this game, with many people on the OC3D Forums and elsewhere online agreeing that this is a return to form for the DOOM franchise, at least when looking at the single-player component of the game.

DOOM is not a corridor shooter like COD clone and the DOOM Marine is certainly not called Master Chief, DOOM is DOOM and that is the way we like it. 




For this game, we will be using the newest drivers that were available when the game released, which is Nvidia’s Game Ready Geforce 365.19 driver and AMD’s 16.5.2 driver, both of which are the most recent GPU drivers for either company. 


Test Setup  

We will be testing this game on our dedicated GPU test rig using the current flagship GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia. Both GPUs will be the reference design and will be running at stock settings. 


AMD R9 Fury X & Nvidia GTX 980Ti
Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.7GHz
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
G.Skill Ripjaws 4x4GB DDR4 3200MHz
Corsair HX1200i
Corsair H110i GT
Windows 10 x64 

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Nvidia GTX 980Ti (Left), AMD R9 Fury X (Right)


To represent AMD and Nvidia’s Mid-range GPU offerings we have decided to use the AMD R9 380 and the Nvidia GTX 960. Both of these GPUs will be the ASUS Strix models

Both of these GPUs offer very similar performance in most scenarios and come in at very similar price points, so it will be very interesting to see which GPU will come out on top. 


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Nvidia GTX 960(Left), AMD R9 380(Right)