Gainward Bliss 7300 GT Golden Sample


We have looked at some of Gainward’s higher-end nVidia cards recently and overall have been pretty impressed. With more and more people wanting good cards for their PC’s, as well as wanting better and better value, we thought we would take a look at one of Gainward’s lower end GeForce offerings.

The Gainward Bliss Golden Sample 7300 GT “Silent FX” is based on nVidia’s lower-end 7300 chip. Gainward have implemented a noise free solution on this card, making it ideal for HTPC use or perhaps a more powerful budget office PC where silence is a must.


The card came in a surprisingly small package. Perhaps I am used to opening higher-end cards but I was certainly surprised at just how small a box Gainward had managed to fit this card into. This could perhaps be a bonus if you were worried about shipping costs from a retailer, but seeing as most charge flat rates anyway, I would not have throught this would make a difference.

The packaging has Gainwards usual female CGI character on it as well as a limited amount of product information.

ganiward 7300gt
I feel the back of the box could have had some more interesting and relevant product information on it, rather than just some nVidia marketing fluff.
gainward 7300gt
It’s an attractive package all in all but I would like to have seen the cards cooling solution pictured somewhere on it.

Inside of the box I was not very impressed with the packaging at all actually. There does not seem to be much to protect the card inside the small box. Having said that, my sample came in perfect condition and the card looks fairly hardy so I cannot envisage this being too much of a problem.

gainward 7300gt
Will the diminutive size of the packaging continue through to the card itself? Let’s see…