HIS HD6970 & HD6950 Review

HIS HD6970 & HD6950 Review

Unigine 0xAA

One of the major upgrades AMD have talked about is their improvements in tessellation speed and no place is this demonstrated better than in Unigine Heaven. A benchmark as harsh as it is beautiful it relies heavily upon tessellation to make scene after scene a treat for the eyes.

This work in the Tessellation department pays huge dividends here with the HD6950 as good as any of the nVidia offerings and the HD6970 taking the title by 7 or so frames.

Unigine 8xAA

If the extra stress of anti-aliasing takes a toll on the performance of cards then it only seems to extend the lead of the HD6970 over the rest of the pack. With the HD6950 as good as an overclocked GTX580 for half the price then one thing is clear. If Unigine is what you love, or if it truly is the engine of choice for the future, then the new Radeons are the card you should put in your rig right now.