HIS HD6970 & HD6950 Review

HIS HD6970 & HD6950 Review

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 is, as we’ve said before, a great test of raw number crunching as it doesn’t rely on tessellation or any other of the latest DirectX trickery to improve eye-candy.

Without the benefits that these enhancements bring to the table the HD69s fall a long way behind even the stock GTX570. The overclock on the HD6970 brings no improvements and the HD6950 just about gains a frame. Not impressive.

Metro 2033

One game that does take a big advantage from the improvements available in the latest DirectX API is Metro 2033. This allows the AMD cards to redeem themselves against the GTX570 and keep neck and neck with it. Clearly the GTX580 is king in the DirectX11 power stakes, but with £140 price premium we’d expect it to be.