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MSI Pair Up Promotion

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MSI Pair Up Promotion

Have you been looking enviously at our recent review of the MSI MAG 274UPF monitor, a 27″ 4K panel? Perhaps you have a flash rig but are tired of constantly being hamstrung by the limitations of a single display? Certainly if you’ve never basked in the glory of a multimonitor setup you need to step up. Two monitors hugely improve productivity, and in these modern streaming times are a perfect way to keep an eye on Discord, or OBS without losing focus.

Let’s say, for example, that your current setup looks like this :


It’s very cool with the MSI system glowing away, but not really putting the focus on the thing you actually look at. Particularly on this panel that has a relatively low resolution. Your system is twiddling its thumbs half the time. Now look at this setup that can be yours with the MSI Pair Up Promotion

MSI Pair Up Promotion Pretty

A big display showing off the game you’re playing in glorious 4K-o-vision. But you’re also getting easy access to a Discord, or a walkthrough, or almost anything you want. We’re running the second MSI MAG 274UPF in portrait mode just to show off the flexibility of the dual monitor arm. So how can you get a setup like this yourself?

The MSI Pair Up Promotion

Desk space is always going to be at a premium in modern times. The proliferation of huge screens allied to the small nature of most of our homes means a monitor arm is a brilliant way to regain some real estate. Look at how small the footprint of the Ergo Flex Dual arm is compared to a regular stand. The MSI Pair Up Promotion runs until the end of this month, and there is a week into the new year you can claim your free dual arm.

Let’s say you want to go with the MSI MAG 274UPF. Grab it from a promotional retailer, such as Currys. Mmmm 27″ IPS 4K HDR400. Lovely.

MSI Pair Up Promotion Cost

Make sure you’re within the promotional period – until the end of this year – and that you claim before the 7th of January 2024. With more of us purchasing online, having a receipt you can attach has never been easier. A far cry from scanners and a piece of paper.

Redemption Period

Redemption is easy. Sign up to MSI, upload proof of purchase along with your serial numbers. Wait patiently.

How to redeem

In fact whilst you wait on MSI validating your claim you can still enjoy your monitors. The MAG 274UPF have a good stand already as we showed off in our review so will make do whilst you wait.

MSI Pair Up Promotion

With everything in place, eventually you’ll receive your shiny new MSI Ergo Flex Dual monitor arm, in a suitably large box. With a desk mount it frees up acres of desk space normally taken up by full size stands. Additionally it looks cool in photos, and we all like looking cool.

MSI Pair Up Promotion Arm

A few screws later and you can have a setup that greatly improves your ease of use. As well as looking cool and being flexible. Portrait ratio is revolutionary, especially if you like Pinball or SHMUPs.


Now you aren’t limited just to these 27″ 4K MAG274UPF panels. MSI are offering it across most of their 27″ displays as you can see below. You’re certainly not constrained by budget, and all of them will get you the dual arm when you buy a pair of them.

MSI Pair Up Promotion Models

So what are you waiting for? Time is ticking, and as you can see from our pictures the results are amazing. Why put up with one monitor and alt-tabbing, when you can have two at a glance?

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