MSI MAG 274UPF 4K IPS Monitor Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

MSI MAG 274UPF 4K Review


If you’ve been looking into upgrading your display to a new 4K monitor, the choices tend to either be so extravagant as to make your wallet ache, or so cheap you’re not really gaining any image quality. There are also a lot of gigantic panels that not everyone has room for. The MSI MAG 274UPF is already a monitor that ticks off some of those niggles, by dint of its sub-£500 price point* and 27″ size. Utilising a Rapid IPS panel for wide viewing angles and fast response times. It also has 144 Hz refresh rate, just in case you’ve the hardware to do 4K144. Of course if you haven’t you can run at lower resolutions and still have that speed.

Those of you who abhor screen-tearing will be delighted to note the support for AMD’s Freesync Premium, and Nvidia’s G-SYNC technologies. Perfect for a panel of this size where the horsepower of your GPU might be found out. All the rock-solid image benefits of VSYNC but without big steps in the frame rate.

It isn’t only the panel that MSI have given attention to. Connectivity is handled by HDMI 2.1 for 4K120. Hi current-gen console owners. There is DisplayPort for those of you who prefer that way. Heck, the MAG 274UPF even has USB Type-C 65W support, should you want to use DisplayPort Alt or just recharge your phone whilst you play. Let’s take a look at it in the flesh.

Earlier this month we also reviewed MSI’s MEG 342C QD-OLED monitor.

Technical Specifications

MSI MAG 274UPF Specifications

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