Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition Review

Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition Review


What’s the point of this card? The RTX 3070 Ti only microscopically more capable than the RTX 3070 on paper, and okay, we’ve no idea of the price, but we bet it isn’t the same MSRP. It needs to be given that it’s barely faster than the GPU it replaces; otherwise, why release the Ti. Heck, we’ve had a couple of games where it isn’t faster. That’s the downside of Nvidia of giving only a little more hardware. It’s enough to reduce the peak and average clock speeds but not enough to overcome that raw speed deficit.

We don’t know about you, Nvidia, but we’ve got a finite lifespan. We can’t spend a week testing a card only to conclude that nobody would be any the wiser if this card didn’t exist. We could’ve been enjoying the sunshine instead. We’ve been locked indoors for 14 months. Getting out in the sun and seeing our loved ones, our friends, hell, even our enemies after all this time would be a much better use of our diminishing days. The RTX 3080 Ti might have been so expensive we were shocked to find you weren’t wearing a stripy jumper holding a big bag marked “Swag”, but it was much closer to the RTX 3090 than we might have guessed. This is much closer to the RTX 3070 than we feared in our darkest moments; this GPU is not worthy of the Ti moniker.

So the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti then. It seems to exist solely to give retailers some stock of the RTX 3070 in a new guise and hopefully stave off the workhouse for a little longer. For those of us in the market for an RTX, continue to be patient. This is not the card you’re looking for. Unless you really want a 3070 and can’t get one, which is highly likely, but even then, do not pay a penny over the MSRP. At £529, this GPU is worse value than an RTX 3070 in the games we tested, and the GDDR6X memory upgrade has failed to deliver significant performance gains. 

In normal times, just no. In these strange times, use this as an excuse to try and get an MSRP model, but don’t pay a penny more.

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