nVidia GTX780 Ti Review

nVidia GTX780Ti Review


Another benchmark, another dominating performance by the GTX780Ti. It’s ridiculous that a simple overclock, and be in no doubt that overclocking the GTX780Ti is simple, can bring the next test up close to the level of the easier one on the R9 290X. For example on the Radeon the 720P test scores 18712, whereas on the GTX780Ti the 1080P test scores 16689 and the 720P test is 4000 points ahead of the R9 290X at 576P.

Ungine Valley

It would be easy to focus solely upon the overclocking performance because it’s so jaw-dropping, but even at stock the GTX780Ti puts a hurting on the R9 290X. Heck it’s not far behind the overclocked MSI GTX780 Lightning.