nVidia GTX780 Ti Review

nVidia GTX780Ti Review


The first two slides cover things we’ve already discussed in the preceding pages.

nVidia GTX780Ti Review     nVidia GTX780Ti Review  

One of the big pushes that nVidia are making is their GeForce Experience software which can automatically select the best settings for your system. Although the majority of us are comfortable with tweaking graphics settings, at least there is an option for those who don’t know, or perhaps when future driver updates greatly increase the performance in a particular title. The ShadowPlay might seem like a strange thing to introduce, but when you consider that the upcoming PS4 and XBone both utilise gameplay recording and sharing, it actually makes sense to harmonise the PC platform with those that live beneath your television.  

nVidia GTX780Ti Review     nVidia GTX780Ti Review  

One of the major attractions of the AMD cards has been their Never Settle bundles, which provide some good titles so you can be up and running instantly. Indeed this has been something that we’ve liked very much and has led to us leaning towards recommending the Radeon cards for first-time buyers. Not ones to be left out, nVidia are bundling the GTX780Ti with three triple A titles; Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins and Splinter Cell Blacklist. AC4 should be enough to have a lot of people reaching for their wallets.

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