The Division Beta Performance Review

The Division Beta Performance Review


In recent years PC gamers have come to expect very little from Ubisoft, with recent disasters like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Watch Dogs still being very painful memories for PC gamers. Thankfully Massive have managed to avoid the trend of terrible Ubisoft PC games and have managed to release a game that has not only proved stable for my entire time playing the Beta but also performs very well. 

One thing that can be learned from this is that it is always best to leave the development of the PC version of a AAA PC game to the original developers, rather than leaving it to a 3rd party at the last minute like recent Assassin’s Creed games and the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port. This game not only performs very well on PC but is easily one of the best performing AAA games of recent years, being able to be played with 60+ FPS framerates on a range of GPU but also performs well regardless of who has manufactured your GPU. 

It is rare that we see a game that both looks and performs well before launch, especially from Ubisoft. Massive have done a great job on this game and we hope that the game will continue to receive some optimization on the PC platform before it’s release in a few weeks time. 

With this game being in Beta at this time the performance we have seen here is not entirely representative of the final game, but with performance being so good right now it is really hard to see this game move to become Unity and Arkham knight levels of awful in just a few short weeks. 

In the GPU wars this is a title that is highly contested, with Nvidia and AMD performing great in this beta version of the game. Right now AMD has a slight edge over Nvidia in this game, but this may change in the games full release, especially if some new game ready drivers are released. 

The only problem that we have with the PC version of the game at this time is that V-Sync is turned on by default when choosing any of the games default graphical options, which is a real pain for those who almost always have it turned off. If Massive are listening please change this in the final release of the game, as barely any PC gamers keep V-Sync turned on in any game. 

We will be looking at this game again when it is released on the PC platform on March 8th. 


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