XFX GTX295 PCIe Graphics Card


In our latest reviews we have run the i7 at stock speeds as this, for the most part, has been more than enough to ensure we did not encounter CPU limitation. However, the rules have changed with the advent of NVidia’s latest Dual GPU creation from XFX. Even 2.66ghz on Intels latest CPU cannot unleash the power of the latest range of GPU solutions from both ATI and NVidia.

The current undisputed king of performance is the mighty 4870×2. It has consistently held off the GTX280, most recently the GTX285 but now the scales are balanced, 2 cores vs 2 cores, mano a mano. In a no holds barred, head to head stand off we pitch the best against the best, card against card to see who holds the winning hand in an OC3D clash of the titans. The 4870×2 served as a trumpet call for Nvidia to up there game a notch who, despite a delay in response, have finally retaliated with their own dual GPU card.

Ok, thats enough of the cliches, time to get down and dirty with our challenger (sorry), the XFX GTX295. Nvidia, as with all there previous dual GPU cards, have taken a different approach to ATI in that each GPU has its own PCB rather than having both GPU’s on the same PCB. While some may argue it is two cards sandwiched together, others will state it is still a single card. Whichever your preference, there is no doubting that ‘SLI on a stick’ now works much better than previous incarnations, proven by the phenomenal 9800GX2. Quad SLI still has some issues that required attention so it will be interesting to see how the 295 performs with another card in Quad SLI, something we will be covering in a future review.

Here’s what XFX had to say about their latest card:

Everybody wants to be a winner, but if you’re serious about your victories, you know the winning equation: excellent equipment + outstanding skills = predictable outcomes. In other words: Winners back their skills with the best equipment. Which means you’re in the market for our new XFX NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 295 graphics card.


* 2nd Generation Unified Architecture
* DirectX 10 support
* Quad SLI capable
* PureVideo HD technology
* NVIDIA PhysX-readyâ„¢
* NVIDIA CUDA technology
* PCI Express 2.0
* Dual-link HDCP capable
* HDMI Certified
* OpenGL 2.1 support


Model: Model GX-295N-HHFF
Interface: Interface PCI Express 2.0
Chipset: Chipset
Manufacturer: NVIDIA®
GPU: GeForce® GTX 295
Core clock: 576MHz
Stream Processors: 480
Shader Clock: 1242 MHz
Memory Clock: 2000MHz
Memory Size: 1792MB
Memory bus: 896
Memory Type: GDDR3
Features: 3D API, DirectX DirectX 10, OpenGL OpenGL 2.1,
Ports: DVI 2, HDMI 1, TV-Out No, VGA No
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
RoHS Complian:t Yes
SLI Supported: Yes
Features: CUDA Technology, PhysX Technology
Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 10.5“ X 4.36“ X 1.5“
Profile: Dual Slot
Package Contents: GX-295N-HHFF, DVI Adapter, S-Video Component Adapter, 6 Pin Y Power Cable, SPDIF Cable
Game Bundle: Far Cry 2

As the card is a vanilla version based on the Nvidia reference design, all the clock speeds are set to stock levels but no doubt XFX will be releasing a number of overclocked editions if history is anything to go by.

Let’s take a look at the packaging and presentation of the graphics card…