XFX GTX295 PCIe Graphics Card

3DMark is a popular synthetic gaming benchmark used by many gamers and overclockers to gauge the performance of their PC’s. All 3DMark runs were performed a total of 5 times, with the highest and lowest results being removed and an average calculated from the remaining 3 results.



Results Analysis

Clearly, both 3DMark 05 and ’06 prefer the raw grunt of the 4870×2 at lower resolutions. Once the AA is increased and the resolutions maxed out however, it becomes clear which is the more powerful card. 3DMark Vantage, thanks to it utilising PhysX processing, favoured the GTX295 by a country mile. Even without PhysX processing, Vantage GPU scores gave the GTX295 the nod.

Let’s see if this transfers over to our real world gaming benchmarks.