ASUS Strix Mouse, Headset & Keyboard Review

ASUS Strix Peripherals

Pro Headset

The box for the Strix Pro headset demonstrates the Owl that forms the basis for the ASUS Strix range. It also looks a bit like Batman. In fact we were tempted to Photoshop out the surrounding test, but we think DC Comics lawyers would have been onto us. Largely because they too have a character called Strix and the similarity cannot be denied.

Once out of the packet the Strix Pro is definitely chunky. We’ve thought long and hard about precisely which description best suits them, and chunky is easily the most accurate.

ASUS Strix Peripherals     ASUS Strix Peripherals  

The picture on the left is just ripe for placing up to your eyes and pretending you’re an owl. More importantly it emphasises how flexible the hinges on the Strix Pro are when it comes to rotative capability. The orange of the 60mm speakers is echoed in the fabric covering on the inside. Harmonious. 

ASUS Strix Peripherals    ASUS Strix Peripherals  

The connecting cable is placed far at the rear of the left earpiece. In front of that is the input for the microphone which follows the pattern we saw in the ROG Vulcan of being removable if you wish.

The headband is both flexible and comfortable, supporting the weight of the Strix Pro easily. There is also some nice contrasting stitching to keep the black and orange theme running, and it’s very good quality.

ASUS Strix Peripherals     ASUS Strix Peripherals  

As you can see from the profile shot the Strix Pro definitely focusses more upon the looks than worrying about following the standard designs. It’s all stark angles, deep bevels and rigidity. They’re some of the biggest headphones we’ve ever tested. 

ASUS Strix Peripherals     ASUS Strix Peripherals