Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Review

CM Storm Masterkeys Pro L Review


Cooler Master has been pumping out some high quality products for a long time now. With mice that cover everything from extremely affordable to the high end models, and keyboards to suit every pocket and desire, it’s clear that as much design quality is put into their peripherals as their more famous cases and cooling options.

Today we’re taking a look at the latest mechanical gaming keyboard from them, the Masterkeys Pro L.

With the Masterkeys Pro L there has been a comprehensive redesign of the PCB to accommodate larger LEDs for brighter lighting without compromising the inherent quality and desirability of a Cherry MX switch.

CM Storm Masterkeys Pro L Review

With full spectrum lighting proving to be so popular that nearly every keyboard on the market is now equipped with it, the move towards a brighter offering could be just the thing to separate the Masterkeys Pro L from the pack.

Technical Specifications

Under the hood the Masterkeys Pro L ticks all the boxes. A full array of Cherry MX switches – our UK sample is equipped with the always popular Brown variants – is matched to onboard macro recording and lighting adjustment. Without any built-in wrist rest or extraneous keys it also has the smallest footprint you could expect to find on a full size key layout, vital for those with limited desk space. If you’re particularly tight for real estate there is a Masterkeys Pro S which is a tenkeyless version. The whole thing is powered by the powerful ARM Cortex M3 MCU, and thankfully only requires a single USB port unlike some dual-cable models we’ve seen recently.

CM Storm Masterkeys Pro L Review