Icemat 2nd Edition Mouse Mat


Recently, manufacturers have been introducing additional gaming equipment and peripherals beyond the ordinary mouse and keyboard. The introduction of mouse mats aimed at gamers has taken off, with most mouse manufacturers introducing a specialist mouse mat to get the most from their mice.

Icemat however, are a company who literally made their name with their first offering to the gaming community, the “Icemat”. Since then they have began producing other gaming products such as headsets, and have also introduced a new version of their trademark mouse mat. Today I will be reviewing the “Icemat 2nd Edition”


Externally, the retail packaging is basic, but eye catching. A list of the specifications and the colour of the mat is found on the front, but besides that there isn’t much to tell. Personally I prefer subtle packaging, and I think Icemat have done well by not including too much on the exterior.

Box - FrontBox - Rear

As you may or may not know, the Icemat 2nd Edition is made of glass, which is why I was interested to see just which precautions were taken when designing the packaging for this product. As you lift the lid of the box, you see a plain white sheet of styrofoam, and lifting this you are greeted with the Icemat itself.


open box


The mouse mat is secured between this top piece of styrofoam, and another underneath it, which lock in together to keep the glass safe. I think that this should be enough for everyday situations, and even the most clumsy postman shouldn’t cause the Icemat 2nd Edition any trouble.


Included in the box is a small plastic bag, which contains 5 “padsurfers”, and the instructions on using them. I will elaborate on these later. These are the only items included, so again Icemat have resisted the urge to overdo the packaging. To me this creates a good first impression of not only the product, but the company as well.

Well that’s enough for the packaging, let’s move on to the mat itself and how it looks.