Keysonic ACK-612 RF Wireless Multimedia Keyboard


KeysonicSo you’re sitting there watching movie with your better half on your brand new HTPC and whats-his-name appears on the screen. You know, that guy from the other film whats-it-called. The guy that was dead from the beginning, but nobody knew until the end? 

Frustrating isn’t it? Even more frustrating is that the remote to your HTPC is about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to browsing the net for those valuable answers, and your cordless mouse and keyboard combo are at opposite ends of the room with their batteries having been “borrowed” for other purposes.

Well you’re not alone. Today we’re going to be looking at the ACK-612 RF wireless multimedia keyboard made by Keysonic. Combining the convenience of a compact keyboard along with a laptop-style touch-pad, the ACK-612 RF appears to be a perfect companion for the HTPC. However, before we get down to business let’s see what Keysonic have to say:

• Wireless multimedia mini keyboard with built-in touch-pad and 2 mouse function keys made out of aluminium
• Far-ranging and reliable radio-frequency transmission at 2.4 GHz up to approx. 10 m away from the PC
• Comfortable use due to 11 multifunction keys (partly free programmable)
• Modern design in noble, matt black SoftSkin coating with harmonic aluminium accents
• Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard
• Extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback due to high-quality X-Type membrane technology
• Separate Power on/off switches for keyboard and touchpad
• Plug & Play installation – use of the predefined hotkeys: H1 = Internet, H2 = E-Mail, H3 = Calculator, H4 = Media Select, Start/Pause, Stop, Back, Forward, Mute, Volume ?, Volume ?
• Additional optional installation of the driver software from CD for free programming of the hotkeys H1 ~ H4
• Available in various country layouts
• Appealing retail packaging
• Optimal for Home Entertainement, HTPC as well as for training, conference & presentation rooms etc.

While there’s rarely much to say about keyboards, Keysonic have managed to stretch the specification of the ACK-612 RF over a fair few lines. Probably the most interesting of the listed features are the keyboards 2.4GHz radio frequency which Keysonic claim to have a range of up to 10 metres – great if you’re lucky enough to have a fairly large living room. Additionally, a number of predefined yet programmable hotkeys are provided at the top of the keyboard for mapping to your most used applications.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and instead take a closer look at the keyboard over on the next page…