MSI Vigor GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MSI GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


It wasn’t that long ago that all keyboards were a single colour, and although RGB lighting has come to dominate at the high end there is always an associated price cost with such flashy lighting. What if you wanted a keyboard that did all the important things we demand from our gaming mechanical keyboards but without the additional cost of RGB lighting?

The MSI Vigor range consists of four main products. At the top end there is the Vigor GK80, a full size, full RGB mechanical keyboard. Next up is the Vigor GK70, which has everything on the GK80 but in a Tenkeyless design. Perfect if you’ve got extremely limited desk space. At the bottom is the Vigor GK40 which uses membrane switches. Now, in between those models, the Vigor GK60.

This is a fully mechanical design based around the famous Cherry MX switches – here in their Red guise with 45cN actuation force and a linear feedback profile – but balances the increased costs involved in having a hundred plus mechanical switches by sporting just red lighting. With an aluminium chassis and dedicated gaming caps the lighting is the only area of compromise that MSI have made to get the Vigor GK60 onto the market at this pricing, so let’s find out how it works.

Technical Specifications

MSI GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard