NZXT Signal 4K30 & HD60 Capture plus Chat Cable Review

NZXT Signal 4K30 & HD60 Capture plus Chat Cable Review


Sometimes here at OC3D we get products which have a whole array of things to consider or discuss. Even mice can be more than just “you move it and the pointer moves”. Then sometimes we get products such as today’s NZXT Signal pairing of the 4K30 and HD60 and the product itself and the usage of it is so simple that there isn’t much to say.

Certainly we could discuss which streaming package you choose to use it with, or which console you want to connect to it, but the reality of a review is that they are far outside of our remit. Additionally the 4K30 and HD60 are as simple as it’s possible to be. You unbox it, plug the USB cable in to the device and the other end to your computer, then plug your source device in to the HDMI port and that’s it. It just works. Everything else is reliant upon your console and streaming weapon of choice. The NZXT Signal appear as a Video Capture Device and you select that as your source and you’re done. You don’t even have to install the NZXT CAM software if you prefer not to.

The only choice you have to make is whether you need the 4K30 FPS HDR capability of the Signal 4K30, or if you can get away with the ‘designed for Twitch limits’ 1080/60 abilities of the Signal HD60. Again that will be entirely to do with whether you’re running a console which is the latest and greatest, or if you’re running something older. Of course it has to have an HDMI output so a Genesis or SNES is asking too much, but otherwise the world is your oyster.

We particularly like the Zero-Latency pass-through HDMI connector built in to both the 4K30 and HD60. Unless you’re a gamer with godlike abilities you don’t need anything getting in the way of your demonstration of skill, and being able to push the visuals on to a display unmolested or suffering being cramped in a stream window will ensure you’re playing it just like it would be if you weren’t streaming or recording, whilst still letting you configure the streaming side of things to your liking. If you’ve got your gameplay on a second display you can even squish the game stream window down so you can easily see the chat at a glance.

Being more affordable than a lot of their competitors both the NZXT 4K30, MSRP £169.99 or the HD60, MSRP 129.99 can bring you an easy streaming/recording setup without breaking the bank and are simplicity itself to use, winning them our OC3D Gamers Choice.

NZXT Signal 4K30 & HD60 Capture plus Chat Cable Review  

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