Roccat Isku Keyboard Review

Roccat Isku Keyboard Review


The marketplace for gaming peripherals is one of the most tightly contested of all PC related sectors. When Roccat first arrived we were very impressed with their initial product lines, and they were so well designed straight away that only a few have needed any minor tweaks at all to remain at the top of anyone’s shortlist. They quickly became one of the elite band of companies who have established themselves with the Razer and SteelSeries of this world.

So far the only keyboard we’ve seen from them was the compact Arvo which had some good bits and a few faults. Today’s review is of the full-size Isku, which comes with a vast array of features to hopefully add a Keyboard to the shortlist of peripherals that Roccat belongs on.

Technical Specifications

The main elements of the Roccat Isku are the anti-ghosting keys, ensuring you don’t end up with phantom button presses, backlit keys in the gorgeous “Roccat blue”, and the multiple Macro options. Of particular interest is how the Isku comes with Roccat Talk, which enables the keyboard to control the mouse functionality, or vice-versa, if you have a Roccat Talk compatible rodent.

  • Isku Features
    Illuminated keyboard with 123 keys
  • Enhanced anti-ghosting capability
  • 3 programmable Thumbster Keys (T1-T3)
  • 5 programmable Macro Keys (M1-M5)
  • 20 additional Macro Keys (Easy Zone)
  • 5 Profile-Status LEDs
  • 3 Status LEDs (Caps Lock, Easy Shift[+]â„¢, Num Lock)
  • 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response time
  • 2m USB cable


24.7cm x 50.9cm

System Requirements
Windows® XP, Windows Vista® 32/64-bit, Windows® 7 32/64-bit
Internet connection (for driver installation)
USB 2.0 port

Package Contains

ROCCAT™ Isku – Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Isku Driver CD  
Quick Install Guide