Roccat Kova Plus Review

Roccat Kova Plus Review


The original Kova came with multiple colours that were applied via an easy to learn but never quite intuative method of button combinations. Now we have the software to customise it a little easier, although by no means as many colour choices as we saw on the Kone Plus.

Starting with Ice Blue. Also available is a really nice deep red. Not quite the red that makes you go “what’s gone wrong?” that some reds are.

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The next blue is much deeper and is what would be Roccat Blue. It matches the default blue of the rest of the Roccat range perfectly. On the right we have Purple. In the photograph it looks blue on teh mat but if you look up by the scroll wheel you get a closer approximation of the colour. Ironically if the purple is hard to differentiate from the blue in photograph then the pink is near impossible with the naked eye.

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Both of which are small potatoes when compared to the green and orange choices, both of which give this. The LEDs definitely look orange but the colour is definitely green. This is the original firmware and Roccat always keep their product line well up to date, but we have to review as is, and the orange and green give the same results on current firmware.

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