Roccat Kova Plus Review

Roccat Kova Plus Review


As the major change between the Kova and the Kova [+] is the inclusion of a software package rather than including everything in the firmware of the mouse, this is the primary point of our review/revisit.

The level of customisation is similar to that we saw on the original Kova, but whereas that was adjusted by cycling in a linear fashion through settings via button presses, here it’s much more obvious what’s going on. The driver is very similar to the rest of the Roccat line so it’s instantly recognisable and easy to navigate, although it’s odd to have such high sensitivity settings on the driver when the mouse doesn’t support them. Unless this is a subliminal advert for the top-end Kone Plus we can’t work out why it wasn’t discretely removed.

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Customisation via macros is outstanding. There are pre-programmed macros for most of the popular games you’re likely to play, and of course many of them are transferable between games. WASD being the ubiquitous scheme it’s unlikely that one set of bindings wouldn’t work in another game. Either way, the customisation potential is massive with all the options you can think of already there for you and any that aren’t are easily added thanks to the intuitive macro editor.

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