Roccat Skeltr Smart Communication RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Roccat Skeltr Smart Communication RGB Gaming Keyboard Review


In a world with tons of products all doing roughly the same thing it takes something special to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You need a unique selling point. A thing your product does that none of the others do. Something that we didn’t realise we wanted until it appeared. Something to grab your attention. Something, let’s not beat around the bush, to make you open your wallet.

Roccat have long been one of our favourite peripheral makers, with a range of products that combine fantastic value for money with great looks, build quality, and a design that is usually spot on right out of the gate.

Enter the Skeltr. A keyboard which has had a long gestation period from when it first came to our attention. It promises connectivity with your smart device to keep you in the game longer than other keyboards. So much about the Skeltr is focussed upon this unique selling point (USP) that we’re going to break with tradition and quote them directly.

You’re in-game and on a roll, top of the scoreboard on your server. Oh no, what’s that? Out of the corner of your eye you see the notification light on your phone flash. You take a short time-out to pick up your phone and reply to your friend’s message, but meanwhile you’re sinking down the scoreboard without a trace. Every gamer knows this problem. The Skeltr fixes it. It lets you toggle between system and device typing at the touch of the button, so you can hammer out a quick response to your friend without interrupting your gaming, letting you finish the round on top.

So it certainly promises much. Does it actually deliver though?

Technical Specifications

Despite that lofty price tag the Skeltr is a membrane style keyboard rather than a mechanical. With full RGB lighting and some dedicated macro keys adding to Roccats regular Easy Shift [+] feature it ticks many boxes, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that the majority of the price tag is because of that Bluetooth connectivity.

Roccat Skeltr Smart Communication RGB Gaming Keyboard Review