Steelseries Sensei Ten Review

Steelseries Sensei Ten Review

Up Close

The Sensei Ten packaging continues a run of great packaging from Steelseries. We’re not sure that ‘most winning’ counts as grammatically correct, but it gets the point across and our experience with both the original Sensei and the Raw – we sadly didn’t get the opportunity to review the Sensei Wireless – show that this isn’t a baseless claim.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Box  
Steelseries Sensei Ten Packaging  

Confidence in box form. We admit it, we laughed.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Gloat  

If the above wasn’t enough to get your excitement juices flowing then opening the box reveals the Sensei Ten in a seriously protective foam packaging. It makes a delightful change from an endless sea of vacuum-formed plastic cases. The mouse itself is identical to the OG Sensei with smooth curves and soft forms. Simplicity in mouse form.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Foam Protection  
Steelseries Sensei Ten Mouse  

On the underside we get our first glimpse of the TrueMove Pro sensor that beats at the heart of the Sensei Ten thanks to the translucent cover. You can also spot how big the low friction feet are, reducing what little friction such a light mouse generates.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Sensor  

As mice grow ever fatter with more and more buttons and sculpted edges there is much to admire about the simplicity of the Sensei Ten. Two small side buttons with a delightful tactile click is all you get, and all you need.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Ambidextrous  

As befits an ambidextrous mouse the right hand side of the Sensei Ten is identical to the left but for the lack of the ?.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Side Buttons  

It’s impossible to see the Steelseries Sensei Ten without thinking of another gaming icon associated with the “Heaven” kanji. Altogether now, LP LP -> LK HP…

Steelseries Sensei Ten Review