Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1866 6GB Kit

World leader in high-performance memory, Corsair are renown for manufacturing quality products. From basic memory modules to the high end Dominator class memory products, Corsair cater for every appetite. The pinnacle of their DDR3 line up, until most recently, fell to the Dominator range of memory.  They are the staple diet of overclockers everywhere and while in the past they may not have been leaders in the most aesthetically pleasing modules and while performing amongst the top of the class, never really broke free or set the pace for other brands to follow.  Corsair hope to change all this with the Dominator GT range.
The Dominator GT’s are the logical evolution of the original Dominators that enthusiasts have come to know and love through there exceptional performance and solid reliability. Sporting next gen heat exchangers (DHX technology), the aesthetics of the Dominators have been improved most noticeably with the removable heat sink fins which have made the transition sleek understated black to ‘in your face’ racing Ferrari red. It’s not just for looks alone though because Corsair claim the cooling is enhanced through this new design. Hopefully then, this new look Dominator GT kit will not just be a colourful re-hash of the same modules we reviewed here.
The kit we have for review today is the 1866MHz derivative (TR3X6G1866C7GTF) sporting stock latencies of CAS 7-8-7-20 and run at 1.65v. Corsair do however afford the more discerning buyer sets of hand screened 2000MHz kits should you feel that the already blistering stock speed of 1866MHz not enough. The 1866 kit we have for review also comes complete with the revised Dominator cooler sporting two 60mm fans instead of the whiny 3x 40mm ones we have seen previously. If air cooling is not your bag then you can purchase a separate Thermoelectric heat sink which Corsair claim cool the modules down to as much as 20c below ambient temperature! This however would also require the use of a water cooling setup to cool the TEC’s down so today we will be using the revised Dominator GT fan cooler.
Here’s what Corsair had to say about their latest product:
Very few components make it into the DOMINATOR family. Even fewer are hand selected to build the DOMINATOR-GT. Corsair’s team of engineers run extensive and exhaustive in-house testing and qualification with the premium performance motherboards used by overclockers and ultra enthusiasts.

This unique combination of over-clocking performance testing and guaranteed reliability and compatibility coupled with a limited lifetime warranty, make the DOMINATOR-GT – the cream of the crop, and… the ultimate solution for the ultra enthusiast and overclocker.

The following specification was taken directly from the Corsair Product page:
Each three module set is tested at 1866MHz
Packaged together immediately following system test
Tested together at 1866MHz, Vdimm = 1.65V at latency settings of 7-8-7-20 on X58-based motherboards.
SPD programmed at:
XMP 7-8-7-20 values at 1866MHz
JEDEC standard 9-9-9-24 values at 1333MHz.
1.65 Vdimm
6144 MB of DDR3
Includes Airflow fan for maximum thermal transfer
Lifetime warranty
As you can see, Corsair are making some big noises about each Dominator kit being hand tested before sending out. This is great news as you are assured a kit that works without any errors. However should you be unfortunate enough to receive a faulty kit, Corsairs class leading lifetime warranty affords peace of mind through their excellent RMA procedure.
Let’s take a look at the new look Dominators shall we?