Mushkin 6GB (3x2GB) XP series DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz Kit


Hailing from the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, USA, Mushkin have long been known as producers of high performance memory for the worldwide enthusiast market. Including products such as memory upgrades for both desktop and servers as well as notebooks, Mushkin have something to offer every user be it a gamer or an I.T Professional. Supplying Apple and NASA you can be assured of the quality produced from the Mushkin labs.

Today we will be looking at the XP (Extreme Performance) line of memory, specifically the low latency triple DDR3 kit which weighs in at the 1600MHz level. With low timings of 7-8-7-20 this is the lowest latency kit we have tested to date so it will be interesting to see what effect this has on our standard set of memory benchmarks.

Mushkin have 8 different kits in their DDR3 triple kit line up. Starting with 3x1GB 1333MHz all the way up to the range topping 3x1GB 2000MHz kit but today we have the mid range kit of 3x2GB 1600MHz to test.

Here’s what Mushkin had to say about their kit:

Award winning, competition proven

Looking for performance? When you choose Mushkin, you’re picking a winner. Our products win independent awards one after another and have been the essential ingredient in enthusiasts’ systems for over 10 years.

Mushkin products are built from carefully selected components and must meet our unmatched rigid quality control. Our dedication to performance means that every product produced is ready for another winner to get exceptional performance and value.


The specification below was taken directly from the Mushkin website:

Frequency: 1600MHz
Latency: 7-8-7-20
Parity: Unbuffered
Voltage: 1.65V
Pins: 240
Module: 256×64
Chip: 128×8

Unlike other kits we have tested at the 1600MHz mark, the Mushkin kit arrives with lower latencies. How this affects performance in comparison we will see in our round of Memory benchmarks.

Let’s take a look at how Mushkin have presented their product…