Mushkin PC16000 Radioactive 6GB Review

Mushkin PC16000 Radioactive 6GB Review


One of the best things to have happened in recent years is the switch from the beige box to black cases. That quickly became black or silver cases with lighting choices between blue, red or green.

Of course modders wont be limited by such small choices and so many cases have been sprayed in a plethora of colours, water loops have had various coloured dyes in them, but the reality is that the hardware itself hasn’t adapted and is still mainly black or blue which does limit the overall theme of your rig.

If you want something that isn’t so mainstream as a black and red system then your choices are either live with it, or spend an absolute fortune having custom heatsinks made and anodised.

Mushkin have hit the market with a bang in recent times and today we’re taking a look at a variant of their Frostbyte cooler, dubbed the Radioactive.

Technical Specifications

If the heat-spreader is rather shocking, the underlying RAM thankfully follows sensible performance figures being 2000MHz @ 8-10-8-27. So often unique products are compromised by the knowledge you’re a captive audience. If you want that colour you’ll pay what it takes and take whatever performance it has. Mushkin has made sure you’re not stuck with some 1333MHz kit just because you want a yellow spreader.

Type: DDR3
Voltage: 1.65V
Speed Spec: PC3-16000
Frequency: 2000MHz
Kit Type: Triple Kit
Module Size: 2GB
tCL: 8
tRCD: 10
tRP: 8
tRAS: 27
Heatsink: Radioactive FrostByte