Mushkin PC16000 Radioactive 6GB Review

Mushkin PC16000 Radioactive 6GB Review

For our testing the Radioactive is up against it’s similarly Frostbyte-shod brethren the Blackline, although we have to remind you that the Blackline at stock is only 1333MHz so it will be comfortably slowest. However the overclocked version is one of the finest we’ve seen so for fairness we’ve kept the stock result in. We’re also going against the popular peoples choice, the Corsair Dominator GT.


At stock things are pretty nip and tuck between the Radioactive and the Dominator. The slightly lower timings of the GT helping it just edge ahead.

With the added boost of lower timings and a reasonable CPU OC, the Radioactive tops the graph, just passing 25000 MB/s in the AIDA read test.


SiSoft Sandra

Sandra always uses a very different testing method which is almost solely reliant upon RAM speed rather than anything else and the results bear it out with all of our 2000MHz RAM/200MHz BCLK tests giving inseparable results.