OCZ Blade DDR3 PC3-16000 6GB Kit

OCZ have been dipping there fingers into many different pies lately venturing into territories not normally associated with a premium memory manufacturer. Power Supply Units, D.I.Y notebooks, cooling products as well as being a leader in SSD technology are just some of the products OCZ currently offer. So then it remains to be seen if OCZ still have what it takes to make Ultra high Performance memory or have they dropped the ball and fallen behind in the highly competitive, top end performance memory market?
OCZ aim to answer this question with the extreme bandwidth, low latency ‘Blade’ series, in this case the OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 Blade Series Low Voltage Triple Channel 6GB kit. This set of memory is specifically designed for use on Intel i7 X58 setups (although they also make Blade kits specific to older chipsets) which runs at an extremely low latency of 7-8-7 and a blistering speed of 2000MHz! Perhaps best of all, the voltage required to run at this speed is no different from lesser ‘high-end’ kits at 1.65v. This makes the Blade kit the fastest kit currently available in a mass produced state on what is the standard accepted Vdimm of most performance DDR3 kits on the market today. However, because of this kits ultra fast speed, each kit is speed binned using the latest technology to ensure every single kit out of OCZ’s doors meets your stringent standards. All you need to reach the advertised frequency is a CPU and motherboard capable of attaining this ultra bandwidth.
The new blade kit also has a new set of clothing in the form of some sleek black heat spreaders which form an interesting design I will investigate further overleaf. Sadly, there is no included memory fan cooler which is dissappointing considering the price, especially when you consider there are cheaper kits which include this accessory. It remains to be seen though if any extra cooling is needed to keep the Blade kits temperatures in check, something I will look at in terms of memory stability in the testing procedure later on in the review.
Here’s what OCZ have to say about their flagship product:
The Blade Series Triple Channel Memory kit is the latest maximum-performance RAM designed specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. At DDR3-2000, CL 7-8-7, the Blade Series harnesses industry-leading speeds at the low voltage required to safely run Core i7’s triple channel mode. With the ideal combination of all the factors that formulate the ultimate memory solution— density, speed, latency, and an effective new cooling design—the Blade Series is guaranteed to please enthusiasts looking to take the hottest Intel platform to new heights.

Whether seeking maximum frame rates in the latest PC titles or yearning for the highest benchmark record, the Blade Series was developed for gamers and overclockers looking to make the most of their high-performance systems.

The following specification was taken directly from the OCZ product page:
Bandwidth: 2000MHz DDR3
Latency: CL 7-8-7-20
Availability:  6GB (3×2048) Triple Channel Optimised Kits
Buffered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
Vdimm: 1.65 Volts
Socket: 240 Pin DIMM
Cooling: Pure Aluminum Heatsink
Warranty: OCZ Lifetime Warranty
So with extra tight timings, unheard of at it’s rated speed of 2000MHz, fresh new heatsinks all running with a conservative 1.65v, it seems OCZ certainly still have the minerals to produce some  class leading memory. Let’s see if they can present it as such…