WaterCooling UK Case Modding Services

The Result
Throughout the entire process WCUK kept us up to date on exactly what was going on. Additionally a project log for the case was posted over at the WCUK forums so that we could check the status at any time, look at the post recent pictures they’d taken and also get feedback from other members on what they thought of our colour and modification decisions. Of course, no pictures can show what the case looks like in real life, and for this reason we reserved judgement until the case arrived safely back at HQ:
WaterCooling UK Paintjob WaterCooling UK Praetorian
On unpacking the case from the almost never ending layers of bubble wrap we was totally taken back by the cases uniquely gorgeous paint job. With the holographic flake glistening in a rainbow of colours when exposed to bright light, we quickly moved the photography set-up outside to make the most of the afternoon’s sun.
WaterCooling UK Praetorian Case Front WaterCooling UK Praetorian Case Paint Side
WaterCooling UK Praetorian Case  Water Cooling UK Praetorian Reflection
Unfortunately there was one massive drawback to moving the case outside – reflections. With a three part paint process including the BMW black gloss undercoat followed by two layers of clear coat (one of which contains the flakes), the case reflected absolutely everything from the brickwork of nearby buildings to the clouds in the sky.
Overall the finish on the case was what you’d expect from that of a continental car fresh from the factory. No orange peel effect, no pitting, no swirling and a surface smoother than a baby’s backside. If we were forced to nit-pick, it would have been nice for the backs of the doors to at least be lightly sprayed rather than left as bare aluminium – but unless you’re as picky as us, it’s really not necessary.
 WaterCooling UK Praetorian Powdercoat WaterCooling UK Praetorian Powdercoat
Although not quite as impressive as the exterior of the case, the matt black powdercoated interior of the case was once again flawless with even the most tiny crevices being fully coated by the paint process. Running a screwdriver along an inconspicuous part of the case also revealed just how tough the surface was, with no damage being observed until you really apply pressure.