Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 1050W and MWE Gold V2 1250W White Edition PSU Review

Up Close with Cooler Master’s MWE Gold series

A Closer Look at Cooler Master’s MWE Gold V2 series

The unboxing experience of Cooler Master’s new MWE Gold V2 PSUs is fairly standard. The power supply and its included cables come inside separate plastic bags and these bags are inside cardboard boxes. Very standard as far as PSUs are concerned. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about either.

Overall, Cooler Master’s new MWE Gold PSUs have an understated look. If you want a flashy looking PSU, these units are not for you. If you want something that with high temperature resilience and a long warranty, this series of power supplies should be of interest.

Cooler Master’s new MWE Gold V2 series ship with a large number of cables. Users of this PSU will have all of the cable options that they need for their systems, almost regardless of what their setup is. Have 12 SATA-powered devices? This PSU has you covered! Need two EPS connections for your motherboard? Check! The only thing this is missing in a floppy connector, but who is still using that in 2023?

It’s not silver! – A closer look at the MWE Gold V2 1250W White Edition

I don’t know about you, but when I saw Cooler Master’s marketing images for this power supply, it looked like it was silver. Even on the unit’s box it looked silver, so much so that we though that Cooler Master has sent us the wrong power supply. Rest assured that this power supply is white, not silver. Cooler Master really needs to do a better job with their photography and renders for this PSU, as a lot of people will think that this PSU is silver when looking at their images.

With this white PSU, Cooler Master has provided us with white cables. While these cables to not look as good as white individually sleeved cables, they do look a lot better than the standard black cables that most PSUs ship with. Props to Cooler Master for shipping these PSUs with white cables. This is a must for any white edition PSU, and a lot of manufacturers forget this detail.

Angled 12VHPWR cable

Cooler Master has designed the 12VHPWR cables on their power supplies to be more durable cooler-running than standard power cables. Cooler Master’s new 90-degree 12VHPWR cables use connector pins that are 25% thicker than standard 12VHPWR connectors. They also feature four total contact springs. That’s two times as many contact springs as standard 12VHPWR connectors. With these changes, Cooler Master says that their connector is 5 degrees cooler running than standard 12VHPWR terminals, requires a 12% higher withdrawal force, and has an impedance change rate that is 45% lower.

These new 12VHPWR cables from Cooler Master aim to give users improved safety and lower temperatures. The cable’s 90-degree bend is also intended to prevent cable wear from tight bending.

The downside of angled 12VHPWR connectors is that there are two ways a 12VHPWR connector can be oriented on a graphics card. This means that there is the possibility that Cooler Master’s angled cables are oriented in a sub-optimal way for your system.

Above and below we have two RTX 4090 graphics cards. Both use 12VHPWR connectors. One will see Cooler Master’s angled cables pointing upward. The other will see it point downward. This could be a nightmare for aesthetics-focused PC builders. Thankfully, CableMod’s custom 12VHPWR cables are usable with these new PSUs, which means you can replace this cable with ease.

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