Cooler Master Real Power Pro M700 700w Modular PSU

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 700wBack in October 2007 Cooler Master gave us the pleasure of reviewing their high-end Real Power Pro M1000 unit. With a total of 1000w on tap, extremely stable rails, high efficiency and an unrivaled modular connector system, the unit scored a perfect 10 for its performance and appearance and managed to walk away with our Editors Choice award.
However, while a 1KW unit may be a perfectly reasonable investment for those of us with Quad-SLI and heavily overclocked Quad-Core processors, the majority of us realistically only require a unit in the 500w – 700w range.  For this reason Cooler Master in their infinite wisdom also produced several lower wattage Real Power pro units in 520w, 620w, 700w and 850w varieties. Today we’ve been given the opportunity to take a look at the middle-road 700w version, but first let’s find out a little more about Cooler Master…
About Coolermaster

Cooler Master Retail Product Business Unit was founded with the mission to create enjoyment to customers while they build their dream machines.

We Innovate: Innovation lies in the heart of our business model to develop better performance and quality products.
We Care: We believe that technology is to enrich, not to complicate our lives.Therefore, we integrate human interactive function, which allows customers to better understand and control their systems easily.
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Since its founding in 2001, RP BU has striven to provide innovative computer components.

With some stellar PSU’s already well established in the mid-range modular PSU market, the Real Power Pro 700w certainly has some stiff competition. However, if the M700 has specifications anywhere near that of it’s M1000 brother it certainly stands a fighting chance. To get an idea of what we’re dealing with, let’s take a look at the specs available on Cooler Master’s website.
The Real Power for the Ultimate High Definition Gaming Experience Unleashed! Ultra-high end Image reality calls for increasing processing power to handle the graphic complexity. Cooler Master’s all new Real Power M700 Modular PSU answers to the call for the most reliable power source to back up the elite technology to deliver excellent performance and superb image quality. Real Power M is specially designed for NVIDIA’s next generation high-end Graphic Cards. With several +12V independent output rails for exceptional power distribution, Real Power M reliably powers the cards while you enjoy the out-of-this-world gaming experience.
1.Modularized cable design to eliminate clutter and improve airflow inside the chassis.
2.Eco-design for energy and money saving by Active PFC.(>0.99) / high efficiency(>80%)
3.Two 6 pin / two 8 pin PCI-e connectors offer great future upgradeability
4.Clear color identifiable connectors for user friendiness
5.Ultra-silent operation with intelligent 120mm fan speed control (6.Multiple protection function provides full-scale protection for your components
7.Real power capacity satisfies high-end system operation
8.Five-year warranty
With a total of four +12v rails, a 120mm fan, support for the latest 8-Pin PCI-E graphics cards and a five year warranty, the Real Power Pro M700 has everything you’d expect from a 700w PSU in its price range. The unit is also topped off with 80%+ efficiency rating and the same great modular connector system found on the M1000.
 Cooler Master M700 Specs
Cooler Master Real Power Pro M700 Rail Layout
Dipping into the more advanced specs, we can see that the M700 is capable of providing 700w continuous power with a max output of 840w at an operation temperature of 40°C. One slightly disappointing specification of the unit is its inability to hold the 86% efficiency that it is capable of maintaining at up to 350w; at full load.
The specifications also show that the M700 has a healthy 25amps available to both it’s +3.3v and +5v rails and 19amps to each of its four +12v rails (with a total combined load of 52amps).