FSP Booster X3 300w 12v PSU


So you’ve just upgraded your PC with 2 brand-spanking-new high end graphics cards which you plan to run in SLI / Crossfire. You set it all up, turn it on, only to find that your faithful 480w power supply which has been serving you well for the past year, just cant meet the demands of these power hungry cards.

Up until recently there has only been one option: buy a new power supply. This can be pricey, with most decent SLI certified units starting at around £80-100. However FSP have come up with a more affordable solution, which will not only solve your SLI power woes, but also ensure your PC has enough power for future expandability.

Enter the Booster X3 300w VGA (+12v) power supply. Designed to fit in a spare 5.25″ bay, and powered directly from the mains, the Booster X3 provides a total of 25a on a single 12v rail, which should keep your dual card setup happy.


Taking a step away from the highly flashy packaging we saw on FSP’s Epsilon series of PSU’s that I reviewed last week, FSP have opted for more professional look. Yet again, it is a shame that most of us people based in the UK won’t get to see it out on retailers shelves, but will instead need to purchase it over the internet.

Booster X3 Packaging Booster X3 Packaging

Booster X3 Packaging Booster X3 Packaging

The front and sides of box give some basic information about the unit, including its power output and cooling capabilities. Also shown on the front of the box is a picture of the unit with its glowing blue fascia sporting the FSP logo.

The back of the box goes into detail about how the unit works, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to install it. I find this a particularly great idea, as many people may be wary of purchasing such an inventive piece of hardware without knowing the steps required to install it.

As you can see from above, the BoosterX3 is very well protected from any kind of transportation damage by being totally encased in a styrofoam cut-out.

Booster X3 Components Booster X3 Screws
Included in the package are the following items:

– FSP Booster X3 300w unit
– Colour manual
– Power cable
– PCI Bracket for routing AC power inside case.
– Dual PCI-E cable
– Large bag of thumbscrews
– Cable ties

The Booster X3 comes with everything required to get the unit up and running. Strangely it also comes with a huge pack of thumb screws, which is a nice touch but in most circumstances won’t be required as 4x cd-rom drive screws are all that’s needed to secure the unit.