It’s a Mess – Dragon’s Dogma 2 PC Performance Review

Does fast memory help?

Can faster memory help boost Dragon’s Dogma 2’s PC performance

What we found interesting with Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that higher memory speeds can boost this game’s performance a little in Vernworth. Below you can see that lower memory speeds give us lower 1st and 5th percentile framerates. That said, we don’t expect faster DDR5 memory to address this game’s performance issues.

I do wonder how this game would run if we were able to crank our memory speeds higher, perhaps to DDR5-7200 speeds. My guess is that framerates will be marginally higher, though the game would remain far from stable.

Memory performance is not the cause of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s performance issues, the oddly high CPU demands of NPCs are. While faster memory may be able to give us better results, it wouldn’t fix this game’s problems.

Mark Campbell

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