It’s a Mess – Dragon’s Dogma 2 PC Performance Review

Conclusion – Wait for Updates

PC gamers should wait for a few Dragons Dogma 2 updates

Performance-wise, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an oddly disappointing PC release from Capcom. I guess I have grown used to RE Engine games launching in a reasonable state on PC. It is a shame that such a good RPG is marred by such strange performance issues, though I am hopeful that updates will lessen these issues.

Outside of CPU performance, I will note that DLSS is poorly implemented in this game, delivering blurry results with strange graphical issues. I have been told that a future update should address this issue, though it is strange to see a AAA release launch with such an issue. This game’s lack of DLSS or FSR 3 Frame Generation is also disappointing, especially given this game’s CPU-limited performance. Again, this could be addressed with a game update.

The primary issue that faces Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC is its poor CPU performance. In towns and cities this game can turn into a stutter-filled mess, and the capital city of Vernworth is practically unplayable on PCs without high-end CPUs. Again, these CPU issues will be alleviated with a future game update.

Personally, I feel that Capcom should have spent a little more time working on this game’s performance. The game can deliver strong, but not industry leading visuals, and it doesn’t showcase a level of complexity that makes CPU performance issues feel justifiable. It just feels like an optimisation pass could have done this game a lot of good on both PC and consoles.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has the trappings of a great RPG, but it is spoiled by its unstable performance. We will test this game again as new updates arrive. Hopefully Capcom will be able to address the unstable framerate of this game, because there is a lot about this game that we like. That said, this is a PC performance review, and this game runs poorly on PC, and unjustifiably so.

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