Gen 5 4TB M.2 Drive – Crucial T705 and Sabrent Rocket 5.


4TB PCIe Gen 5 M.2 Review


It’s not often that we bundle two different manufacturers products together. However, given that these two have plenty in common, and are both on sale, it seemed the perfect opportunity.

Firstly, they are both available in three capacities. 1TB, 2TB and the models we have today, the full fat 4TB. It might seem like a lot of space. However, if you have a fulsome gaming collection, or just a Gamepass subscription, and like to have a lot of games on hand to play rather than install them individually, that space can vanish. The size of modern AAA games is ludicrous. Most of the flashiest titles run around 100 GB. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that a few of those, a few patches, mods, a save game or two, and even our 4TB ones are gonna get eaten up.

Where we feel the time is right to leap onto such a huge amount of space is the current low pricing. It wasn’t that long ago that drives in these numbers were unimaginably expensive. Now they are merely a chunk of change, but not obscene. We don’t feel offended at the asking price. This is especially true of the Crucial T705 which has a heatsink and the current price slashing puts it well below the Sabrent Rocket 5.

Performance is supremely close between both drives. Clearly a Gen 5 M.2 isn’t going to leave you twiddling your thumbs. Regular readers will know that larger capacity drives tend to mean faster ones, especially in these solid state times. By being the fastest currently available bandwidth technology – PCI Express 5.0 – and the biggest capacity this side of sanity – 4TB – both drives are blazingly fast. Always in the upper echelon of our graphs, and often jousting at the top with the 2TB version of the Sabrent Rocket 5 we reviewed in January.

Temperatures are important for maintaining speed. You have two options between the two drives. The Crucial T705 is equipped in review spec with a heatsink, but available naked too. The heatsink is a behemoth and worth ensuring you have the room to fit it in. The Sabrent Rocket 5 goes for the naked ‘heatspreader’ route, and relies on you having a good motherboard heatsink and plenty of airflow. In both cases our temperature results were the same. We were absolutely kicking their head in too. It would be impossible to thrash them harder to make them hotter without involving a hair dryer.

If you are in need of more storage space, and want it to be as fast as possible, both the Crucial T705 and Sabrent Rocket 5 are brilliant choices and win our OC3D Performance Award.

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