Sabrent 2TB Rocket 5 Review

Up Close

Sabrent Rocket 5 Review

Up Close

Obviously M.2 drives aren’t the worlds most interesting things to see. We know some sites pretend to have products though, so we like to prove we have the thing we’re reviewing. We also like, although it will be covered up, the silver looks rather than their more famous bronze that we reviewed with our Quad Drive review.

Sabrent Rocket 5 Top

We’ve seen many Gen5 M.2s that have a beefy heatsink. Sabrent might have been most famous for giant heatsinks, but it speaks of their confidence on their Sabrent Rocket 5 it is unadorned.

Sabrent Rocket 5 Side View

With 2TB onboard the Rocket 5 is both slender and with reasonable amounts of space. We love looking at the fine detail of the circuitry though. How fine those traces are. It’s a testament to modern manufacturing.

Sabrent Rocket 5 Rear

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