Samsung T9 2TB Portable SSD Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

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The Samsung T9 2TB portable SSD is the latest iteration of their super fast storage solutions. If you’re a regular reader of OC3D you’ll remember we’ve previously reviewed their T7 drive and found it to take full advantage of the USB Type-C interface to deliver high speed transfers.

In comparison to that particular drive, today’s review sees the Samsung T9 2TB step up to the plate, promising twice the capacity and twice the transfer rates of the T7. Of course that’s what we’re here to discover.

You might wonder why, in these days of high speed WiFi, you’d even need a portable storage option. If so then let us remind you that the transfer rates of physical media are still miles beyond anything the internet can even glimpse. Should you find yourself with a new phone and want to transfer all your songs onto it, then it’s comfortably faster to plug in a drive and transfer it manually than it is to move it across even a decently fast home network. With a Type-C interface the Samsung T9 2TB plugs into any phone or tablet you have on hand and thus can pump a shed-load of data across in no time at all.

Of course it isn’t only songs or videos that having a high-speed portable storage drive can help. Modern games are enormous and most consoles don’t remotely come close to having enough storage for a small library, and whilst you can theoretically download them when you want them, waiting for 120GB to transfer across your internet isn’t the matter of a moment. Just plugging a drive in is instantaneous. That’s without all the other occasions in life where you might want to move big files around. Help out your friend who lives in the sticks by downloading the game for them and taking it round, is faster than them staring at a Steam download screen for a day.

Technical Specifications

Samsung T9 2TB Specifications

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