Battlefield 4 Budget Build Performance

Battlefield 4 Budget Builds



The performance of PCs has now progressed to the extent that gamers no longer need to spend masses of money on systems in order to get a fluidly playable experience. With the release of APUs and other budget solutions from AMD, along with affordable graphics cards which offer stunning performance, PCs can now be much more of a competitor to consoles than ever before. We aim to build a system able to tackle the latest games such as Battlefield 4 whilst on a small budget.

We’ve specced up two systems which we think will be a good choice for users wanting to play the latest games on a tight budget. Our list below shows the first budget system which we put together – an AMD based system with good quality, reliable components which don’t cost a fortune. The parts are shown below:

Processor AMD Athlon 760K
Motherboard MSI A88XM-E35
RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport XT
Graphics Card Gigabyte Windforce R9 270
SSD Samsung 840 120GB Evo Basic
Hard Drive Western Digital 1TB Blue
Power Supply Corsair CX500m
CPU Cooler CM Hyper 212 Evo
Case Coolermaster N200


Our second budget system is based around an Intel Pentium G3220. This comes in a little bit cheaper than the AMD system above making it more suited for this budget gaming system. Our full specification list is below:

Processor Intel Pentium G3220
Motherboard Asus H81M-E
RAM Kingston 1600MHz HyperX
Graphics Card Powercolor R9 270
SSD Kingston V300 120GB
Hard Drive Seagate 1TB Barracuda
Power Supply Corsair VS430
CPU Cooler Titan Universal CPU Cooler
Case Coolermaster Elite 311


Once we’ve added an operating system to the cost, we expect both of these systems to be around £500/550. For that sort of money you’d be able to buy one of the latest consoles plus a couple of games. However, since we all know games on PCs can be far cheaper than hard copies of console games, in the longer run we do expect these PCs to prove to be cheaper gaming machines.

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the Intel based system, to show you just how much performance you can expect from a system such as this.

We are aware that not everyone has the time or confidence to put a system together themselves. Therefore, we approached PC Specialist and used their system building tool for the Intel rig we will be testing. It comes with an OS installed, ready to install your games on but most importantly a warranty.