Bengal System Upgrade Time

Bengal System Upgrade Time


Having your own system is something we all enjoy, particularly when it’s something personal to you. My Bengal Rig, which you’ll recall from an earlier article, is certainly personal with its Cincinnati Bengals logo and tiger stripe motif.

If there is a downside to working here at OC3D it’s that I don’t get as much time to keep my system tweaked and refined as I’d like. After all, when you’re working with an endless parade of hardware and get home it’s easy for our own rig to, whilst not be neglected, not get the attention we’d like to give it.

There are two distinct types of system, the show rig and the working rig, and my system definitely counts as a working one. Dusty, not as internally tidy as it should be. It’s a fact of life. We may dream of those systems where every last item is perfect, but the reality is that when you take that kind of effort it ends up being a configuration locked down, because everything needs recabling or adjusting with every minor upgrade. I’m sure that far more of you are like me where you have a system in a constant state of evolution and thus it might not grace a show that’s all about polish but it gets the job done on a daily basis. This aint no system for a museum.

However, we recently looked at the Cablemod PSU cable upgrade kits here at OC3D and the urge was too much to resist. I had a Cooler Master V850 PSU which gave great service and I know that Cablemod provide kits for that particular PSU, but power supply technology moves so fast, and my rig is on so much, that the chance to go from a Gold PSU to a Platinum BeQuiet one was too much to resist.

It might not be the most exciting upgrade in the world, but I think you’ll agree that moving from the black ribbon cables of the CM V850 to the orange and black Cablemod offerings are a nice, affordable, refresh. So without further ado let’s have a quick look.