PC Specialist Devcon 32″ AIO PC Review

PC Specialist Devcon 32 Review


If we ignore handheld offerings for a moment, portable gaming is very much a case of either having your mate drag their system around to yours, or having to use a laptop. Laptops are all well and good but they always have two main drawbacks. Firstly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, is the price and relative performance of the hardware. Laptops are expensive and their mobility means you’re always striving to find a balance between performance and a model which will last more than an hour on a full charge. The second big issue is the lack of upgradability. Laptops are, as near as makes no difference, locked to the specification that it was when you brought it, and that specification rapidly becomes out of date.

If only there was a way in which you could meet the value for money, upgradable, high performance aspect of a desktop system and marry it to the relative portability of a laptop.

Enter the PC Specialist Devcon 32. A system that has more tricks up its sleeve than a magician and manages to bring all the fun of a desktop whilst retaining the ability to move it around without too much hassle. The picture at the top of the page hides a big secret, so let’s look through the specifications before we reveal what is going on behind the scenes.

Technical Specifications

If you look at the picture at the top it’s obviously just a display. Then you look through the list of hardware you get from PC Specialist and it seems like we’ve missed something out from our photo. A Core i5-6600K is one of the best gaming CPUs around, and marrying that up to the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming enables the use of DDR4 memory, guaranteeing high system bandwidth. Graphical prowess is provided by the gamers choice of a GTX 970, and it’s all backed up by a 240GB Kingston Savage SSD, with a 1TB drive to store your data. With everything running on Windows 10 and outputted through the 32″ 1080P display, the paper specifications of the Devcon 32 should whet the appetite of the most intense gamer.

PC Specialist Devcon 32 Review