4nm AMD Instinct MI350 chip teased by industry analysts

Analysts expect AMD to launch a 4nm Radeon Instinct MI350 chip with HBM3E memory

It looks like AMD is preparing to release a new AI accelerator in the form of their Instinct MI350. According to Trendforce, this new accelerator will use TSMC’s 4nm lithography node, and it is probable that the accelerator will feature an HBM3e memory upgrade.

With their move to a new lithography node, AMD has an opportunity to boost the performance of their new Instinct MI350 accelerator. Even without major architectural changes over their existing MI300 series accelerators, AMD could leverage TSMC’s 4nm technology to enable clock speed increases and power efficiency increases.

Additionally, AMD has teased plans to give their AI accelerators an HBM3e memory upgrade. With HBM3e memory, AMD can give their new accelerators a major memory bandwidth boost. Additionally, HBM3e can be used to boost the memory capacity of future accelerators. Memory performance is vital to AI workloads, making an upgrade to HBM3e a big deal for AMD.

Depending on the speed of HBM3 memory used, new HBM3e modules can be 25-50% faster. This is a huge improvement, and great for users who have bandwidth-limited workloads.

Instinct MI300X features 192GB of HBM3 memory. This AI accelerator uses eight 24GB HBM3 modules. Recently, Micron has confirmed that they are sampling 36GB HBM3E modules. With these HBM3E modules, AMD could create a 288GB HBM3e based Instinct MI350 accelerator.

AI accelerators have become a major earner for chipmarkers. With Nvidia chips being in short supply, AMD is poised to generate a lot of money from their Instinct AI accelerators as companies search for an alternative hardware provider. With HBM3E upgraded accelerators, AMD will be more competitive than ever within the market.

You can join the discussion on AMD’s Instinct MI350 accelerator plans on the OC3D Forums.


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