I’m in love with these Lian Li Edge series PSUs

Lain Li gives their Edge series PSUs a Platinum upgrade at Computex 2024

We review a lot of PC cases and power supplies here at OC3D. With this in mind, it always excites us to see something that’s different from the norm. We love to see manufacturers explore new ideas and form factors, especially if they improve the PC building process. That’s why we have fallen in love with the new Edge series of power supplies from Lian Li.


At Computex 2024, Lian Li have launched new 80+ Platinum rated Edge series power supplies. Alongside their new Black 850W, 1000W, and 1300W models, we also have White 1000W, and 1300W models.

With high wattage Platinum rated power supplies being relatively rare, we were very glad to see Lian Li giving their white Edge models the Platinum treatment. They even some with pre-braided cables with white power connectors and cable combs. Lovely!

With Back-Connect motherboards and dual-chambered cases becoming more popular, Lian’s new Edge series PSUs have arrived at the perfect time. Their re-oriented cables make changing cables an easy process, and its integrated USB hub will be incredibly useful for anyone with a lot of USB case accessories.

Overall, Lian Li has left us very impressed at Computex 2024. We have already looked at their new cases and WRLS RGB tech, and their Edge series PSUs are the icing on the cake. In fact, Lian Li’s Edge series PSUs may be one of out picks for “Best of Computex”.

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