CoolerMaster Masterpulse MH320 Review

Coolermaster Masterpulse MH320 Review


Despite the importance that computing has to our daily lives, and gaming is very much a part of that, we have to remember that it is still a form of entertainment. A hobby. Not something that everybody does.

If you’ve ever looked into taking up a new hobby, particularly anything musical, then you’ll be aware of the snobbery that exists where people proclaim that purchasing anything less than a professional grade thingamajig means you’ll never enjoy that hobby. Which is, of course, rubbish. For the vast majority of us our purchasing decisions aren’t made with an eye on what we’ll achieve at the end of it, but on the amount of money that we have available to us. 

Spending rashly on something when you’re unsure if it’s the right thing for you is the road to the poorhouse, or at the very least the road to a garage/attic full of “five minute wonder”s. If you are interested in taking up gaming as a hobby, and particularly gaming that involves some communication between players, then Coolermaster are releasing a set of very affordable peripherals over the next few weeks, and first up we have the Masterpulse MH320 headset.

Technical Specifications

With any affordable product, the biggest element to success is to get all the important things right. The MH320 has 40mm drivers that support the very common frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz whilst utilising 3.5mm jacks as the connectivity method to ensure maximum compatibility no matter what you have available to plug them into. There isn’t a combined 4 pole attachment so this isn’t for the consoles or your phone/tablet, but 3.5mm jacks fit into pretty much everything else.

Coolermaster Masterpulse MH320 Review