be quiet! Pure Loop 2 AIO Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

be quiet! Pure Loop 2


Whenever you’re thinking about the specifications for your next build, we’ve all got different requirements. Some people will sacrifice everything if it means they get maximum performance, whilst others want glitz. We spend so many hours sitting two feet from our computer that we want it to be as quiet as possible. Of course we want performance, but if there is a sliding scale with performance at one end and silence at the other, we’re three-quarters along towards the silent end. Which neatly segues to today’s review; the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 AIO.

Regular readers will remember the Pure Loop 2 FX launching last year which used Light Wings fans to provide ARGB lighting to those who want the be quiet! aesthetic whilst still keeping up with modern trends. This Pure Loop 2 eschews the glitzy fans and instead comes supplied with the latest Pure Wings 3 PWM fans. Given that their Pure Wings 2 and Silent Wings 4 were excellent, and indeed having taken a quick poll around the office we can’t remember the last time they released a bad fan, we can’t wait to hear how the new Pure Wings 3 are. With a broad operating range there will surely be a sweet spot for everyone and their preference.

Actually there are more to the fans than that, but we’ll go over that on the next page. For now we think it speaks a lot about how we rate be quiet! products that their AIO is the backbone of our CPU test system, where we’re putting expensive, rare, freshly-launched products through their paces unknowing of their demands on the system. be quiet! famously aren’t a company that release new products because they feel like it, or to keep at the top of ‘sort by newest’ lists, but instead only release something when it’s bringing something new to the party. Let’s go through the specifications and see how it performs.

Technical Specifications

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 specs

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