Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Prestige Review

Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Prestige Review



This isn’t going to be the usual long conclusion. You see, the Eisberg 240L Prestige suffers from the same fundamental flaw as the 120L.  The pump noise is hugely intrusive and wholly unacceptable.  Yes it’s a little less disturbing with the speed reducer in place but really all this seems to do is alter the pitch as opposed to the volume of the buzz that emanates from the unit, and don’t forget the 2-3 degree hit in temps you’ll have to trade for a slightly less annoying noise.  There are positives here, let’s not forget that, the build quality finish and usual Cooler Master attention to detail are there, right down to the gloss black tubing counterpointing the satin finish of the hardware and the colour matched compression fittings.  The performance although acceptable is not stellar, especially when compared to other much cheaper units.  But even with all that considered we really couldn’t live with the noise. 

It’s rare to write a negative conclusion as pretty much everything we test and review has good points and bad points.  For the most part these can be subjectively weighed leading to an overall impression.  However when looking at the Eisberg 240L Prestige it’s hard to find anything positive enough to outweigh the negatives.  Cooler Master have known for a good long while now that there are issues with the pump noise, in fact even at pre release it was brought to their attention with vows following that it would be sorted for the production models.  We ourselves raised the matter when the 120L was tested, but still the issue remains.  Cooler Master have a pretty much pristine record, but the Eisberg series is a definite blot on their copy book.  Thing is, even if the pump was quiet as a paedo in a play ground we’d still find it hard to recommend it.  £130 is a lot to pay and that sort of money buys you a decent genuine AIO with money left over, or for that matter, if you want to go down the custom route gets you damn close to two of the 240mm kits we reviewed last month.

As you’d expect the Eisberg scores low, very low.  Come On Cooler Master, Perfect it or Pull it. 

Thanks to Cooler Master for the 240L, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.