Cougar Dark Blader G Review

Cougar Dark Blader G Review 


When we first looked at the Cougar website, our initial thoughts were along the lines of ‘cheap plastic cases’, ‘style over substance’, ‘sharp edges’ and ‘will break easily’.  If we’re even more honest, when we first saw the box, we did a double-take because we honestly thought it said ‘Dark Bladder’ which unfortunately stimulated some deep adolescent ‘Black Adder’ double-entendre.  Teenage giggles aside, when we actually started digging down into the substance of the Blader, we were more than pleasantly surprised.  So if you’re looking for a nearly full glass ‘show off’ case, that retains excellent cooling and hardware credentials we recommend you read on.


Technical Specification

Dimensions  232x523x518 (WxHxD)
Material  Steel Chassis, Tempered glass panels, Brushed Aluminium


Motherboard  M-ATX, M-ITX ATX,CEB **E-ATX
5.25″  0
3.5″  4
Dedicated 2.5″  4
Front I/O  USB 3.0 x 2 / Mic x1 / Audio x1 / RGB Control Button x1
Expansion Slots  8 2 vertical
Air Cooling

 Front: 3x140mm/120mm

 Roof:  2x140mm/3x120mm

 Rear: 1×120 installed 

Water Cooling

 Front:  *360mm or 280mm

 Roof:   *360mm or 280mm

 Rear: 1x120mm

Max CPU Cooler Height  170mm
Max GPU Length  380mm 
Max PSU Length  200mm 


**Requires Removal of cable bar

* Choose either of front or top to install a 360mm radiator