Fractal Design Define S2 Vision Review

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision Review


In the introduction we said “Wow”, And having spent a few days reviewing the Define S2 Vision, we’re still saying “Wow”.  This case is simply stunning.  We say this case, but by now you’ve probably gathered that we’re reviewing two different versions of the Define S2 Vision.  One being the Vision Blackout, as seen in the pics, and the other being the Vision RGB, as seen in the video Video.

At this point we’d usually recap on all of the features and capabilities of the case, but you know what, we’re not going to.  Why?  Well two reasons.  Firstly, we’re pretty confidant that it offers everything you could possibly want, and secondly, if you’re really that interested, or think you might have found a flaw in our reasoning, then you need to go and look at the full review, and watch the full video.  Suffice to say, that although it’s just after Easter, this case is already on our Christmas list.

Does it have any faults?  Nope.  Is there anything we’d like to change?  Well this is where we get really picky.  We are “OC3D” for a reason.  The only thing we’d maybe like to change is the top vented section of the accessories pack (oh yeah, you get a whole different roof section as part of the accessories pack, seriously, read the full review).  From our stand point, as much as we appreciate the high airflow construction of the alternative roof, we’d prefer to have seen a simple magnetically attached flexible metal mesh panel, which we think would be more in keeping with the subtle aesthetics of the case.  We are though being needlessly messianic in our views.  The Define S2 Vision is approaching perfection in a way that Icarus would have been envious of when he flew towards the Sun.

And so to Prize giving.

It goes without saying that the S2 Vision gets the much coveted Exceptional Aesthetics award

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